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The Corona SH-1000Lab absorbance microplate reader is optimized for a broad range of life science applications including proteomics, genomics and cell-based research.
The heart of the monochromator is the Hitachi-supplied Diffraction Grating which allows the user to select wavelengths from 200 to 1000 nm in 1 nm steps. No Filters !
A sophisticated grating driver mechanism supports high-speed scanning.
Full Scan Absorbance Spectra can be generated in 15 seconds.
For the ultimate in flexibility, the SH-1000Lab supports all microplate formats, from 6-well to 384-well, from many manufacturers.
With a factory-installed option, the SH-1000Lab also supports glass, plastic, and quartz absorbance cells from sub-micro to standard sizes.
The factory-installed heater option regulates the temperature of the Microplates from 7ºC above ambient up to 45ºC.
The lamp is automatically turned off during standby mode to extend the lifetime.
With more than 4000 units shipped since 1978, Corona Electric is the sole Japanese manufacturer of a full-line of microplate reader systems. Covering a broad range of analyses, Academic, Biotechonology, and Pharmaceutical Research Groups throughout the country value the sensitivity, flexibility, and data handling methods of Corona's product line.

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