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SH-9000 Series
Hardware | Software | Specifications
Modular-Designed Multimode Reader SH-9000 with Double Software Package
offer full modularity for flexibility of hardware configuration and ultimate operationality
of data handling being capable of:
Absorption detection (A Module)
Absorbance / UV Abs. / Vis Abs / Absorption Spectrum Optional 10mm A-Cell measuring unit is supported.
Fluorescence detection (F Module)
Fluorointensity / Fluorescence Spectrum / Optional 10mm F-Cell measuring unit is supported.
Time-resolved fluorescence detection (TRF Module)
TRF Module supports Chemiluminescence spectrum measurement.
Chemiluminescence detection (CL Module)
Module-Designed Units
Modular design enables multiple measuring mode including time-resolved fluorescence and chemiluminescence spectrum on single reader.
Sophisticated Optical System
Being equipped with up to four dedicated photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) optimized for specific measuring modes, SH-9000 ensures that your measurement is performed with the highest sensitivity. Double Monochromator System consists of pair(s) of diffraction grating mirrors offering sensitivity, accuracy, precision and variable bandpass. Improved Monochromator System makes a contribution to high-speed spectral reading. (95 seconds/96-well,100nm in 5nm step) Not only does SH-9000 support Abs and FL spectral reading, but is also capable of chemiluminescence spectral reading.
Advanced Techniques
broaden range of application.
Multiple Wavelength Reading
Up to quadruplet wavelength (Ex and Em side) can be selected in FL and CL measurement.
Instance Luminescence Detection
Optional internal dispensing unit enables to detect the luminescence intensity before, after and at the moment of dispensing.
Variable Focus Altitude
SH-9000 automatically adjust focusing length in accordance with specified sample volume.
Multipoint Measurement
9 to 81 different position in a well can be read in a measurement run.
10mm Cell/Cuvette Measurement
Absorption and Fluorescence measurement of 10mm cell/cuvette is available with optional Cell Measuring Unit.

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